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1. What is the mission of Noonauts?

Noonauts, LLC is a company that provides access to research materials. We work with some of the world's most professional and efficient chemical suppliers in an effort to constantly offer the best selection of the most unique and under-studied chemical compounds available today.


2. What separates us from other suppliers of these materials?

Every member of our Noonauts team is an educated and passionate professional dedicating themselves to both legal and ethical compliance. We take the time to prioritize the needs of our customers and endeavor to provide sustainable solutions to their research quandaries. We develop our own experiments and post the results to continually stay ahead of the competition. We not only supply access to these research materials, we also supply the information we obtain from our own investigations into the possible agricultural and commercial uses of these compounds.


3. How do I know the materials I receive are in fact what I ordered?

If requested, we can provide HPLC and/or NMR data before your place your order. Otherwise, all orders are shipped with the proper documentation including the HPLC and/or NMR data for each batch of each compound.


4. Do you plan on updating your catalog?

The Noonauts team continually monitors the most current literature available about these compounds. We stay ahead of the competition as it pertains to new research materials. Our labs have the ability to synthesize any compound of interest upon request. As our knowledge of these materials and their potential applications continues to expand, we plan on working with these labs to produce little-known and even brand new research materials.

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